August 26, 2008

You are, what others believe you are

You are, what others believe you are!

Even before you read the rest of this post, take some time to ponder on the statement and relate to your experiences. Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that others have a different perception about you, even though you thought differently about yourself? If you can think of, then that would really be a moment to look back and analyze what caused it.

Its self introspection that can change us. There may be innumerable 'soft skill' trainings that we might attend but unless we believe in the concepts and realize the benefits of the classroom lecture, the real transformation will never happen. Beyond weekend approach is based on the methodology to transform ourselves into happy human beings using a powerful 'tool' called self introspection and the power of analyzing situations followed by decision making.

Handling others perception about ourselves - this is a key to own growth in an organization and managing our reputation. Would we buy a product which does not have a good review? Or, would we go to a movie in the weekend which had a poor rating in the Friday newspaper? Our critics are the most powerful advertisers of ourselves - positively and negatively. Relate it with situations within the organization and one would realize that this holds true for each one of us as individuals.

This is perception management and it is so important in today's work culture. The way you manage others perception helps you to build your own brand - the brand YOU.

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