February 22, 2009

About Beyond Weekend blog

Why is the blog named Beyond Weekend?

I have heard so many people say with a sigh of relief, "Thank God its Friday" and with an excitement in the voice, "Have a good weekend". At the same time I know of "Monday morning blues".

This made me think. Are we not so happy during the week? Are we stressed and do not enjoy what we are doing at work? Well, yes often we are much happier and relaxed during the weekend than the weekdays because we are not really excited about what we are doing at work. There would surely be a few more reasons. Personally I have always felt and believed that the quality of work and productivity would hugely increase if we enjoy what we do and reduce the stress at work. If this is true for a large population of employees it would have a significant impact on a team or even an organization.

Hence the thought came of having this blog, where I capture my learning and share my random thoughts about being happy at work. In turn, I believe, we would achieve success and contribute towards having a more profitable organization. In the process we develop or show traits of certain attitudes which emphasizes our personal brand.

I related to the Friday evening feelings and named this blog Beyond Weekend. How would a Monday morning be if we can have the inner joy and excitement of the Friday evening? Can we achieve it and contribute to let others achieve it as well?

My blog is in search of answers and documents my learning. I also end up sharing my view points.

What is Beyond Weekend?
My viewpoint to manage the complex work life with a goal where we look forward to be in office on Monday mornings and enjoy every moment of each work day.

Some of my initial posts where I gave a structure to my thoughts can be found in these posts:

About Me (after a why and what, the who behind this blog)

Learning is key to our growth and I always consider myself a student of leadership and management.

I started my career as an IT Systems Administrator and worked on various technologies and managed systems and networks. My work allowed me to interact with various people around the world from different cultural, academic and technical backgrounds which enabled me to learn a lot. Some of this would naturally be reflected in my blogs.

Currently I am responsible for IT Service Delivery in a leading global IT organization.

Thank You,
for showing an interest and reading my musings. I highly appreciate the time you have taken to read through the pages on my blog and wish it was atleast a bit useful. I would be grateful if you would express your thoughts and make this blog an interactive platform for us to learn from each others view points. Leave a comment below the posts or you may directly contact me here.

Disclaimer: All the views I express in this blog are my own and not of any organization I am associated with or had been associated with in the past.
Wherever I have quoted someone's valued work or a blog or website I have pointed to the source wherever possible.