August 04, 2008

Background of this blog

In today's competitive world I observe that there is great focus of the corporates in the training of their employees. Companies not only train their staff on enhancing their technical skills and product knowledge but also spend huge amount of time and money nurturing their soft skills.

In the area of soft skills, the trainings vary from sessions on customer relationship management, employee motivation techniques, extensive leadership trainings and the list is endless. There is great innovation on how the trainings are delivered to touch the employees. The trainings are designed with an intention to bring out the best in people which in turn should improve the performance of the organization and hence increase profitability.

I believe, one area where we should focus on is the happiness of employees at work. There are few companies that explored this area and benefited out of this. As employees and managers we are trained on various management techniques and leadership skills to bring out the best in self and others. Employee happiness is one such state which would help that cause and benefit the employees and the organizations equally.

In this blog I intend to explore the horizon beyond weekend where the week days can be as happy and colourful as a weekend can be. I firmly believe that happy employees contribute to greater profitability of their organizations, which in turn benefits each one of us.

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