February 12, 2011

Are you stressed at work?

I was working on a challenging project with an aggressive timeline. I started my days early, woking late into the night and I could see the accomplishments.  When I realized it was time to take some rest and call it a day, I still had energy to continue. The hours of work did not matter. Yet, I was back to work early the next day. This continued for weeks without a fatigue.

I am sure most of you had the privilege of experiencing this very positive phase at work at some time or the other. Possibly these are also the best times in life when we think there is perfect 'work-life' balance even though possibly we are spending most of our waking hours just working.

For me the best work day is when, after a long day I still feel like continuing with the work!

Yet, life is a roller coaster and so is work. It is not so uncommon to feel stressed at work at times. What is needed though is to know how to deal with stress, that would help minimize the stress bouts significantly.

The Chief Happiness Officer at positivesharing.com shares the Top 5 Myths about workplace stress

photo credit: positivesharing.com


  1. Thank you. Really so helpful tips. We all have to find pleasure in our work. Otherwise this will be a pain for us.

  2. Yes, I agree that it's important to know how to deal with stress. This article is short but informative. Thanks.

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  5. Great! Stress can never be calculated or compared to the duration of work basically, instead it’s totally the type or work we are doing which makes us feel stressed, post which we tend to compare it with the number of hours we were breaking our head (Doing the work). Good advice by you Mr. Bashak, that every one of us should learn how to deal with our work tactfully to reduce “STRESS”.

  6. Great informative post. I work in manpower agency in nepal and same thing happens to me.