August 13, 2008

Beyond Weekend approach

Beyond Weekend approach is based on the fundamental principle that:
  1. Our attitude at work influence our state of mind which affects our happiness.
  2. Our attitude impact our customers, managers, subordinates and coworkers.
  3. Our reaction to situations and response to people influence the attitude of others.
  4. The attitude of others influence us and affects our state of mind - positively or negatively.
  5. Positive attitude produce positive reactions and negative attitude produce negative reactions.
  6. This is contagious and positively or negatively affect the overall health of an organization, which in turn influence our work life and impact our happiness at work.
In Beyond Weekend we look at the rudimentary ways by which we can generate positive reactions in our workplace to produce positive results.

Instead of looking around and expecting others to make us happy, here we identify what WE can do to take control and make ourselves happy and create a positive influence on others. The positive attitudinal stepping stones lead us through the journey of happiness.

We will identify the stepping stones here and build the foundation of the Beyond Weekend approach.

Introspect, implement and share these 'stepping stones'. Practice the positives and let a chain reaction start to ignite the happiness within our work place.

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