January 01, 2024

A new beginning

A new beginning

A new year marks a fresh beginning - a moment to reflect on the year that has passed and eagerly anticipate the one ahead. It's a time for new plans, fresh To-Do lists, and exploring familiar tasks in different ways. A period to think on our goals and set targets for ourselves.

After a prolonged hiatus spanning several years, I intend to reignite this blog. Initially centered on cultivating workplace happiness, this platform remained stagnant while a decade ushered in significant changes in our work landscape. Personally, my evolution has been shaped by diverse experiences and perspectives. While I've written technical blogs at my technology blog site and showcased my photography on my photography website, this blog remained frozen in time.

Upon revisiting its content, I realized its enduring relevance today. I thought of bringing it back from slumber, albeit with a twist. This space will transform into an open notebook, a canvas for sharing musings across broader domains encompassing finance, art, life, and whatever else captures my imagination.

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and fulfilling new year!!

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