December 07, 2008

Beyond Code: Learn to distinguish yourself in 9 simple steps!

Thank you Rajesh for this great book. It was a wonderful gift making Beyond Code available for free.

Rajesh Setty's Beyond Code is about 9 simple steps to distinguish yourself. I read it and I could very closely relate to it. It is like a handbook you should frequently refer to and ensure you are practicing the principles which would help you be distinguished in the crowd.

The book is divided into two sections
  • Inner game (the game we play with ourselves): Learn, Laugh, Look, Leave a Lasting Impression, Love 
  • Outer game (the game we play with the external world): Leverage, Likeability, Listen, Lead
The topics are practical and you must introspect to relate more with your self. There are exercises at the end of each chapter and you must sincerely do them. They superficially look simple but once you sincerely do them you would realize how thought provoking they are and help you to relate your situation to the learning.

This book is a must read for all of us who are in the IT industry. We are too focused on the technical skills which benefit us in the short term but here Rajesh has shared his insights on how to distinguish ourselves and get superior results in our life. This is a book you should read, re-read and ensure you practice the learning. If atleast few around us learn something out of this book we would definitely have a better workplace to live in.

This book has touched me also because Rajesh is a IT person like myself. He was once a IT consultant and now an entrepreneur and  investor.

You can download the book free from Rajesh Setty's website or buy it here.

Thank you Don (Don Frederiksen) for sharing about Rajesh's book on your Lead Quietly blog. You have not only shared the great book Beyond Code but also guided me to the world of Rajesh Setty's blog - Life Beyond Code, which is very insightful reading.

Friends, practice the learning and I am sure it will bring a huge difference to your life and 'who' you are. Make it viral and share your learning.

Have a good week ahead.

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